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Outward Bound Or, Young America Afloat

User: silviya
Outward Bound Or, Young America Afloat
"There Are No Such Peaches This Side Of New Jersey; And You Can'T Get
Them, For Love Or Money, At The Stores. All We Have To Do Is, To Fill
Our Pockets, And Keep Our Mouths Closed--Till The Peaches Are Ripe
Enough To Eat," Said Robert Shuffles, The Older And The Larger Of Two
Boys, Who Had Just Climbed Over The High Fence That Surrounded The Fine
Garden Of Mr. Lowington.

"What Will Baird Say If He Finds It Out?" Replied Isaac Monroe, His

"Baird," The Gentleman Thus Irreverently Alluded To, Was The Principal
Of The Brockway Academy, Of Which Shuffles And Monroe Were Pupils In The
Boarding Department.

"What Will He Say When He Finds Out That The King Of The Tonga Islands
Picks His Teeth With A Pitchfork?" Added Shuffles, Contemptuously. "I
Don'T Intend That He Shall Find It Out? And He Won'T, Unless You Tell

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