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The 13th Realm

The Wife Of Satan Von:
The 13th Realm


As I drove out of his house, I had tears in my eyes. How could he have gone out to have dinner with that idiotic girl when I had spent the whole day preparing his favourite meal? I even refused to eat though I was hungry because I was waiting for him to return so we could eat together.


I felt devastated.


"That was a good performance you put up there," Satan's voice startled me, I didn't even realize He had come into the car.


"Yea, I hope you weren't around?" I asked Him, "Remember what Lucifer said were the instruction of THE ONE."


"I know!" He screamed at me with fire burning out of His eyes and nostril, "Stop reminding me of that Tyrant in Heaven."


"Am sorry if I have offended you My lord," I said.


"its okay, Lucifer and I watched it all from the Thirteenth Realm. You know we can always see you and whatever that is around you; the injunction didn't cover that part.


"I personally came to convey the appreciation and message of The Council of Six to you. We like the act you have put up so far but time is of essence. THE ONE placed a time limit to the operation. From what we can see, the young man is in love with you but he is not sure if you love him.




"But My Lord that will be difficult," I said feebly, filled with trepidation that they already knew I was in love with him.


"We know that, we feel the hate in your heart and we are sure he can feel it too. We want you to fake as much of a genuine love as possible that no one can be able to feel the hate in your heart, not even us," And with that Anger disappeared.


They shouldn't have bothered. I was already in love with Eric but this edict of the Council of six was the cover I needed to show my love without fear.


The tears now streamed down my face. I was so jealousy he had spent our special dinner moments with another woman.


I was also sad that I will be killing the first being, both spiritual and physical, that I have ever loved. I was going to kill Eric; there was not a single doubt in my mind. I was the Queen of the Seekers. I was Satan's bride...


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