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The Demons of Love Von:



After Brian gave her his award; kissing her and Brenda, he went back to the stage to perform his song and do his part in the presentations.


“Sure, if you want to,” She replied the woman that had asked for the memoir.


“Give it to me,” The black lady said; she was a black American. “The award night is just starting and it is going to be a long night; I can read the story to our small group here as the night progresses.”


“You ladies might miss the show,” She told them.


“We have seen it all before; we are regulars here,” The woman with the red hair said.


“Yeah, for us, it’s going to be a long boring night of ovations,” The blond hair woman said. “Let her read the story; the night is still a long one ahead.


“Okay,” She said, bringing out the memoir and giving it to the black lady. The other two ladies on the table pulled their heads together. They looked like a coven of three witches holding a deliberation as they sat huddled together to hear the memoir read by the black lady. She smiled at them and refocused her attention at the events on the stage. 

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