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Victoria, an average teenager is intrigued by Andrew and the almost tangible magnetism between them. Playing with fire, she doesn't realise how deadly love can get when he turns into something strange, thirsty for her soul. Matters turn ugly when the Elders face a threat which is larger than life. The only hope for Victoria is Nicholas, an Elder hopelessly in love with her. Will Victoria be sold off by her friends or face death at the hands of the one she loves? Nicholas can protect her but at what cost?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Interlaced"
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nice finish the book please

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thanks. I will. c:

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Excellent start! You have all the basics here - a great opening line, immediate tension that holds the reader's attention, smooth progress toward a specific end, and a cliff-hanger conclusion. The reader will now want to know if this character survived the fire after all, find out who Andrew is, and get answers to the other things only hinted at in the first paragraph.

The edits are not always a writer's immediate priority,... mehr anzeigen

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JUST read the Blurb , it's pretty interesting. Sounds like something supernatural cooking.
Then went to the first page and like the flow. Hoping to see the same flow through out the story. Avoid grammatical mistakes n spellings..(I'm not saying they are present but it's just a suggestion).

I'm gonna read it all over once you complete it. Keep up the goodwork.
Happy writing.


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Thank you! I will keep the grammar in mind. c: I appreciate that you took time out to read this.... I'll try and keep the flow in check too. c:

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And that's my pleasure.


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