Lucy's Magic Cafe Open

Lucy's Magic Cafe Open

A magic cafe stood still in Aston town, decayed and rotten but the building was occupied by a witch named Lucy. The magic cafe belonged to her.  However, this cafe was invisible to human's eyes because it was the result of Lucy's misbehave in the past. Lucy found out that her punishment had been lifted after a visit from a girl in a yellow umbrella. She was aware that this girl was no ordinary. Knowing that decades had passed, Lucy was unable to catch up with the recent lifestyle. Hannah, the girl in the yellow umbrella helped her to start a new. Lucy was determined to open her cafe and selling potions as she used to. Yet, Lucy's past still haunted her, her mistake from the past shadowing her return to the Magic world. There was something she must regain a trust that she had failed. Lucy's new beginning was just one step ahead, behind the barrier of the dark past, would she be able to breakthrough. 

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Lucy's Magic Cafe"

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