Lucy's Magic Cafe Mischievous Lady

Lucy's Magic Cafe Mischievous Lady

Since the opening of Lucy’s Magic Café, the café itself became the center of attraction of Aston town. Many people from out of town came to visit the café. It had its magnetic charm to attract its customers but also something else. The arrival of Bethany Holloway, the infamous Lady Holloway to the café had changed its daily practice, mostly for the people who lived and worked inside the café. Not only for Lucy but also Hannah who disappeared during Bethany Holloway’s visits. Hannah's disappearance had made everyone worried about her well-being. However, Lucy could not find her, she was mysteriously missing. Moreover, Bethany Holloway was not an ordinary customer, Lucy felt intimidated each time she arrived. Dealing with the loss of Hannah, and her troublesome customer, Lucy was dependent on her Faeln fellows to help her. Especially, Leo, he must deal with Bethany Holloway’s strange behaviors. Somehow, Lucy’s reckless decision had put Leo in danger. There was something about Bethany Holloway that odd and dangerous enough behind her fair looks. Lucy struggled to do her best using her magic spells and potions to reveal Bethany Holloway’s real figure, would she be able to do it.   

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Lucy's Magic Cafe"

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