Her Doubtful Heart

Her Doubtful Heart

Eyla had to lose it all. Her marriage ended when her husband decided to cheat on her. She had to leave her housewife life and became a single mother. Desperate and unprepared, Eyla tried to survive in her new rough life. Alone with her only son, she struggled to make a decent living. Luckily, her old friend came to the rescue. Eyla landed a job that would change her life. Her new job brought her to new places she had never been before. Until one day, life drifted her to someone new. The passionate love burned inside her heart once again, but everything came with a cost, things that she needed to sacrifice. Troubles were ahead of her, not only for her love life but her son’s safety were at stake. Could she survive and find a way to her happiness?  

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I took a look at your book and read some of chapter 1. I noticed a lot of detail(too much in fact). Keep things simpler and drip feed the details in one at a time for the best effect. Hope this helps.

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Thank you

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