The Player or the good guy?

The Player or the good guy?

•completed 1.January 2016•


Katherine Scar Pettegrew is the sister of Peter and very good friends with the Marauders. She has a huge crush on Sirius, but he is the player of the school so she get's her heart broken over and over again. Just when Remus, her best friend and the good guy starts to admid that he likes her too, Sirius kisses her. 
Who to choose? 
And is love even important when the Deatheaters of the school are after her and Peter? 




I couldn't hold my tears back anymore. In front of the others, especially in front of Remus and Sirius, I had to pretend like I was okay. But I wasn't, and I was afraid I would never be. Without noticing, I had been running to the forrest, the only place where I could be alone. I turned into a wolf as I ran and then, I just kept running like I could run away from the pain.

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This is a great book!! I really enjoyed it and can't wait to read more!!! and I must add I don't like Harry Potter(I think it's sorta like it) but I really enjoyed reading this!!

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thank you so much <3 it means the world !

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