Peace Theories And The Balkan War

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Peace Theories And The Balkan War
What Has Pacifism, Old Or New, To Say Now?

Is War Impossible?

Is It Unlikely?

Is It Futile?

Is Not Force A Remedy, And At Times The Only Remedy?

Could Any Remedy Have Been Devised On The Whole So Conclusive And
Complete As That Used By The Balkan Peoples?

Have Not The Balkan Peoples Redeemed War From The Charges Too Readily
Brought Against It As Simply An Instrument Of Barbarism?

Have Questions Of Profit And Loss, Economic Considerations, Anything
Whatever To Do With This War?

Would The Demonstration Of Its Economic Futility Have Kept The Peace?

Are Theories And Logic Of The Slightest Use, Since Force Alone Can
Determine The Issue?

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