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End Obesity Now!

End Obesity Now!
Did you know that obesity is costing America 78.5 Billion dollars a year? Did you know that at least half of that is being covered by Medicare and Medicaid, meaning those are your tax dollars? Do you know how many Americans are currently obese? The answer may shock you! Are you one of them? Find out what obesity really is and see where you fit in. How many people in this country are obese and how did they get that way. Find out what FDA approved food ingredients lead the obesity trend in America and how to avoid them. What steps can you take to prevent and/or overcome obesity in your home? Is it as simple as “eating less and working out more”, or are there other steps you MUST take to prevent the endless yo-yo syndrome? Is a low-fat diet the cure for obesity and all the other diseases they claim it helps? Find out how the BIG, FAT, LIE is still perpetuated today! Would you be surprised to find that not enough fat can actually make you fatter?
Find out how to avoid obesity inducing food ingredients and additives and still enjoy your food (you will be surprised how much BETTER the food tastes without these ingredients). Learn how to remove the term “fat free” from your vocabulary and your pantry! What one food component can you ADD to your diet to lose 10 pounds in one year WITHOUT CHANGING ANYTHING ELSE? The Answers are in this e-book - END OBESITY NOW!…

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