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A Complete Look at Fad Dieting and Your Health

A Complete Look at Fad Dieting and Your Health
Are you tired of playing the weight loss game when you seem to always be the loser? Does losing weight still seem to baffle you? Seem to feel like you are a yo-yo when it comes to losing weight? Always seeming to lose the weight then gain it all back again? Well don’t worry you are not alone in this, as millions of people fall prey to the dieting industry without ever learning how to successfully lose weight without having come back again. Are you confused as well about all the fad diets out there? Having trouble understanding which is a fad diet and which is not? What are the pros and cons of certain diets? Did you realize that failed diets leads to depression? Many people try a fad diet and fail to lose and keep the weight off. The blame themselves and end up desperate and depressed. Would you like to find out for sure if it was you that failed or if the diet failed YOU?
This EBook can give you much needed information pertaining to fad diets and healthy ways to lose weight. What really works and what does not work are looked at in this EBook. Inside this EBook you will find out what the dangerous side effects are for specific fad diets. Find out about diets such as South Beach, Stillman, The Cabbage Soup diet and many more. Each fad diet will be explained as well as a look at the pros and cons. This EBook puts it all in one place, saving a ton of time and trial and error dieting mistakes.

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