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English Speaking and Grammar through Hindi

User: Cromosys
English Speaking and Grammar through Hindi

Learn English Speaking and Grammar through Hindi language. A guideline of Spoken English with complete grammar. One million download already done. It teaches you the rules of English from basic to advanced  level with full guarantee. This is not only a book but a revolution in English.


Author: Niranjan Jha, publisher: Cromosys Publication. Contact number: +91-9561450045. Niranjan Jha is a Trainer, Author, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, and Activist. He teaches Spoken English, Voice and Accent, Language Diction, French, Spanish, and German from past fifteen years at Nallasopara, Mumbai, India. For more info, type 'niranjan jha' in Google. 

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Watch Video now!
Jawani Rajdhani Superfast
Hindi-English Song with DJ Dance Music
Hit song of the year 2019

Singer & Lyricist - Niranjan Jha
Female Singer - Deepa Drita
Music - Sahil Multy Khan
Producer - Niranjan Jha
Production - Cromosys Corporation
Associate Producer - Sagar Khan
Let us rock!

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SPOKEN ENGLISH - learn and improve through Hindi | Cromosys | Niranjan Jha

Niranjan Jha is a trainer of Spoken English, Voice and Accent, French, Spanish, German, and Language Diction from past fifteen years in Mumbai, India. He is also the founder and owner of Cromosys Corporation - a company excelling in the fields of Education, Technology, Publication, Newsmedia, Realtors, Banking, and Cinemascope.

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Palak Paneerwala
An exclusive video of
Comedy Kingmaker channel
An episodic comedy web series

Actors: Niranjan Jha, Riya Roy, Sagar Khan, Nazrein Inayat

Producer, Writer, Actor
Niranjan Jha

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The ultimate PRINTED book for learning good English titled:

'English Speaking and Grammar through Hindi'

Authored by Niranjan Jha, is now also available on (India). Ten lacs people have already got this book. You can order your copy online and pay cash on delivery. The printed book price set by Amazon is Rs. 624 for 2 copies. Here is the Amazon link:

Publisher of this and 50 other... mehr anzeigen

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wonderful book sir.

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This is a great book for the Hindu community to learn English, well done too.

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To read or buy this book and our 50 other educational books now on your cellphone and computer instantly, Niranjan Jha lists all of his books here that you can directly purchase from him in a minute and start reading.

English section
1. English Speaking & Grammar through Hindi
2. English Speaking and Grammar in English
3. English Word Power
4. English Voice and Accent
5. Dictionary of Modern Slang
6.... mehr anzeigen

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