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An erotic tale Von:
User: Dornig

I was living at the edge at the moment. My archenemy got the promotion I wanted and was now my boss. She did everything in her power to force me to quit. I can’t handle pressure. And my mistakes were summing up.


I needed a stress relieve or I would explode. My lack of control had cost me the promotion in the first place. I wasn’t having it again.


Usually, I would call my boyfriend and spend a weekend in bed with him. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an option this time. He wasn’t responding to any of me messages. Guess, it was over.


My best friend Tanya told me about Alejandro. After a few appointments, the Spanish massage therapist was supposedly up to give you much more than just a massage for your back, arms and legs.


Alejandro was not a hooker. He wasn’t paid for extras like you see in the telly. He charged you a lot for a simple massage. And if both parties wanted more, then it was a decision. They knew each other for a while already. He didn’t kiss on first dates.


He was the perfect stress reliever.


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