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This is about a girl named Clover who has been abused in her child years put in a foster home and got adopted around 14 years of age and is now in college.
Clover has been to hell and back. Can Clover find love and if she does will he stay after here about her past or will he leave?

This is part of my first book I didn't put all because I wanted to know if any of you read like it before I continue to write. I want to know if it is good for a 13 year old girl

Love, Abuse
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It's good I'm thirteen and at some points I have to say it's a bit difficult to understand wit da punctuation mistakes and what not. Don't worry mines worst! U need to keep writing dis book! Could u chek out my book?

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Faith Reinier

Hi, I'm 12 and I'm starting a book too.But anyways it has quite a few punctuation grammar errors but other than that I think this sounds like it could be a good book.I suggest that you finish it. :)

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Thank I didn't edit it yet so I kinda just copied and pasted lol but I am glad you like it :)

Faith Reinier

no problem :)

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