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forbidden love

everyone has a damcel in distress to save Von:
User: nicole0
forbidden love
this book is about abbey noel a girl who is kidnapped by her familyenemy and noeone can save her not even her beloved father the only person that can is brody a routhles rouge vampire so rumors say he has a heart of stone and cares for noeone that changes when his gorgeous eyes meet the eyes of abbey a uniqu woman and his whole life is turned upside and hes afraid that is darkest secrets and his past will be revieled this story is about love hatred beetween enemys vampires and humans who were ment to stay prey not an equel lover

vampire love
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Christiana Hinojosa


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I think it was pretty good, but I could understand it better if the words were spelled a little better and there were periods, you know? Other than that great book!(:

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you are not a write,go take a writing study.learn to spell

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