Mysten: Part 1

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Mysten: Part 1
Welcome to Mysten: a continent where the Five Kingdoms used to live in peace. Racial discrimination between Humans, Elves and Dwarves was abolished, and all was well...
Until the Dwergi started a war.
Now coined the War of Mages, the Dwergi believe magic should be abolished, and all races should be segregated and enslaved.
Jax, a human from a small town wants to make his father abd brother proud by joining the army, but unseen forces are at work here. Is he really a murdered, or is there something more to the so-called accident?
Ubi had always wanted to escape her sheltered life at the University of Magic. Learning to be a scholar wasn't all it cracked up to be, and she longed to pick up a staff and use her magic ability to fight! yet, her wishes are granted when the University is infiltrated and she is forced to use what little training she has to escape with her life! Can she rely upon her knowledge alone?
Between the cracks, however, something more sinister is going on. Calos doesn't with to be part of the Dwergi army- the race used to hold principles upon peace and religion, but now things have turned violent! and now the priests may have awoken something even more sinister.
The three, unsuspecting souls have been thrown into a war they are starting to realize is bigger than they think. Can they survive?
Or will they suffer the same fate as centuries of generations before them?

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Finished up my paper early and read your book its very good i love it! There's just a few typos you missed.

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Thank you :D Ill be sure to correct those :)

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