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Two Page Shorts

Volume One Von:
Two Page Shorts

The Halloween Riser


An infamous serial killer ventures into the night to take lives based on a personal grudge. The lives of his family and anybody in his way are at risk. 


Portal Knights: Unit Omega


Unit Omega follows a team of five tasked with entering other dimensions and preventing them from being destroyed by malicious characters.


FNAF: Halloween


Halloween follows the disappearance of two nightguards and children with no clear culprit insight.




A mysterious killer makes headline news, later attacking the president in hopes of making a statement. 




A couple is engaged in a fight before zombies rise from the ground and surround the house. They don't notice the third party monitoring them.


Element: Origin


The origin story of Max Saint as Element, a superhero who could create weapons out of an element; A dagger made out of ice and so on. Max is being taught by Zac Legend [Guardian] about his powers and new life.


The Zombie Infection: The Dead Walk


A reboot of the original timeline [Rising From The Grave, Journey, The Final Chapter, Connections, Laid To Rest]. Follows a hunter named Aaron who ventures into the zombie-ridden Lost City for supplies.

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Florence, Oregon

The only inappropriate ""red line"" to be crossed is if Trump makes a move to
fire or shut down Mueller's investigation. That should be the straw that
breaks the camel's back, and impeachment proceeding should be initiated. That
is, if the Republican's in the House can reclaim their backbones and
Constitutional duty to the Republic. Or is it going to be party first again,
above country?

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