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Tales of Supernatural Events

Volume One Von:
Tales of Supernatural Events

Niko is the weakest student at Lakeside High who receives powers from a dying King. Six rankings make up the spectrum of power; King, Queen, Knight, Rook, Bishop & Pawn.


Rik despises demons and will do anything to eliminate demons from the world. Now he is tasked with a problem when he meets a little girl who reminds him of his sister turns out to be the demon king's daughter


Shawn is treated awfully by Randy who is his owner. Shawn was being bullied by other kids from the slums as he is a slave and they are not. Mercy saves him and falls in love with him as well. She invites him to visit their castle (She's the King's daughter), but he denies her offer going back to the house where Randy beats him for being out so late.


Three students from America are transported to Sycondel and given skills. There they encounter dangerous wolves and its king in which they have to use their new skills to defeat them and travel to the capital safely with the help of a stranger who is also a tamer.


Bryce died in his sleep and is now needed by the god Wizcontin to become a spy and prevent a war that will devastate the world and end all humans and magic from existence. Bryce is okay with being reincarnated and aid the god by becoming a spy and spying on both nations; Seintin & Astriocal.

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