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Star Wars: The Grand Republic

Volume One Von:
Star Wars: The Grand Republic

Jedi master Terest goes to Naboo to deal with a separatist force that has taken over a town. Once there he meets a 19-year-old Naboo inhabitant who has been stranded there since The Rebel War and Order 99 and hasn't had the chance to go to Coruscant to enlist as a padawan. Now Terest promises Renn that he will make her a Jedi. Even if it costs him his life.


Current Chapter: Four / Eight

Status: Ongoing




This series occurs after the trilogy of shorts that establishes this new timeline. The first short titled Star Wars: The Rise of the Clones is apart of the Tales of Supernatural Events Volume Two. It's sequel titled Star Wars: A New Generation appears in Tales of Supernatural Events Volume Three. The last entry in the trilogy is on the fourth volume titled Star Wars: Order 78


Due to copyright infringement, below is a notice that I don't own the rights to this story. 


This story is fan-made and not meant to copy the "Star Wars" property. I do not own "Star Wars" or any of its properties. All rights belong to its owner., "Disney". I simply made this story out of appreciation for the series.

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