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Hunters & Dragons

Season One Von:
Hunters & Dragons

“Apparently, the princess is visiting a small village called Titoria on the outskirts of the nation. That village seems to have historic roots and looks important for the royals. Why an F rank party like us was invited is over my head.” Russ said.

“Everybody start packing up and be prepared to leave at first light,” Noah ordered. His party nodded and dispersed. Russ left through the front door and went to search the marketplace for medicine while Thatcher went upstairs to get his stuff since he slept over at Noah’s house. Jean stood up and packed her stuff, as she also slept over at Noah’s house in a different room than Thatcher and Noah. Noah started staring at Jean as she packed her stuff. Jean turned towards Noah and their gazes met, lingering. Neither of them spoke, allowing silence to rise.


*Updated Every Other Saturday*


Episode Count: #3 / #12

Status: Ongoing

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