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Final Moments

Complete Story Von:
Final Moments

You have one week before humankind becomes extinct. What would you do during this time? Would your mind go insane or would you become a bandit and fulfill your illegal fantasies? This is the reality for the seven billion people on Earth who will suffer this fate.


“5 minutes,” she whispered as she walked through the living room. She then picked up his pace, running towards the door and out of the apartment building, reaching the ground within a minute. She ran into the parking lot and looked up at the moon as it shinned overhead. 

    “The bombs have hit the ground!” A female shrieked from her apartment. Emily nodded as she watched the moon as it watched back. A minute passed then two. Another minute passed then the final minute. The final minute passed slowly as a dust storm rapidly made its descent onto the town, taking it over.



*Stoy Ended*


Current Part: Seven

Status: Finished

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