The Birth of Disaster Von:
An apocalyptic version of Genesis, written from a very dark place.

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Nice job, this is darkly powerful. The reader can see the black hole swirling and drawing one in more and more each day. Are we in day three? You expressed your visuals very well! Thank you warmly, C...

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petra michelle

is extremely powerful! How does one describe the color of black?!
I think you expressed it beautifully,

Good luck! Petra :))

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In an allegorical sense, you were able to portray both the de-Genisis of a world, and the mind, at once. Nice job.
Good luck Gino-Nic, and I hope things are looking better for you.

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Wow! Truly de-Genesis...I pray you are on higher ground now since this was written but thank you for writing this - my brain is still dealing with your visuals - you have achieved your point in this readers eyes....Paula

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