Dear Cocaine,

Till Death Did We Part Von:
Dear Cocaine,

I'm young and inexperienced, but your old and experienced and our affair was love on first sight. We started out slow getting to know each other, but I have fallen in love with the center of your heart, the pink tint and exterior fluffy white features. Your literally breathtaking, but you make a lot of my friend's noses bleed. You own my body, heart and soul now so I sell pieces and chunks of your pink heart and fluffy white powder to thousands of people in exchange for their money and souls. Your so beautiful with a soft white blanket covering, snuggling closely to your pink heart.


I own all of you and you own all of me, but your vicious and It's always a battle of ownership between us as to who will own my soul and destroy me and everyone I know first, you or me?


Your nasty cousins are always lurking trying to steal more souls than you, but mine belongs to you. I bought all your cousins that go by many illusive titles, Acid, mescaline, Opioids, Meth, Mollies, and L.S.D. to help ya'll destroy as many souls as possible. I don't blame you nor me when I watch my friends or even acquaintances fill needles with your cousins be they dirty, new or clean into their veins, between their fingers and toes or wherever they can tie off and ram the needle.


Granted you make me the star at all the parties and at my job and people call me for catering with you as the main attraction. You even make me a star at many businesses and restaurants so you own server's, manager's, cook's, dishwasher's, and many other professional's souls in different occupations. I even quit my job for you to go on the road and deliver your soft, pink heart with the white blanket that surrounds your soul.

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Drugs, cocaine, rape, sex, violence, Murder, Fiction, Thriller
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