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User: Nerala

I am a writing enthusiast who just loves to express his feelings in black and white. My pen name is "Nerala". I therefore love to keep people around me happy and so that's the result of being very much extrovert in "person". I am an assistant software engineer by profession working in 1 of the most reputed MNC's. I hail from bihar originally. I really love to play with words a lot. Its like when I start writing up stuffs, then I'm totally into some other worlds full of imaginations, scrutiny on society and much more. And yeah I am a keen interest taker in reading people's characters from their body language which makes me a psychology enthusiast too. But this does not mean that I am judgmental. I'm starting off writing stuffs from grade 9 in a national level of poetry contest from nowhere all of a sudden by my then english teacher.

This book contains poems from multiple genres like free verse (mostly), romanticism, philosophical, tragedy etc. To know me more, please go through my book titled "CAUGHT" and all the critics are heartly welcomed. I hope you are happy with my work and that I am happy to learn more.

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