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Second Chance

User: Zac Welch
Second Chance

In the city of Easthaven Texas football is everything. The city is home to two football teams. The Easthaven Timberwolves and the Easthaven Correctional Panthers. Easthaven Correctional, a school for those who've had brushes with the law and Easthaven are bitter rivals. Both teams are good but only one can be champion. Drake Solace is a 17 year old young man who attends Easthaven Correctional. He has a heavy burden upon his shoulders for he is the sole quarterback of the Easthaven Correctional Panthers. Can he carry the team to victory or will he crumble under the weight?





Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Panther Pride"
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Second Chance
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3,49 US$
Football, High School
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I like your plot and found the characters interesting. This could be a great story after some serious deep editing, which is when you should ask people to purchase it. In its current state, however, it isn't something people would want to pay for, much less in an amount over the usual $.99-$1.99 for a book by a new/unknown author.

BookRix is a great place to start, though. Here you can get helpful, useful critiques and... mehr anzeigen

Zac Welch

oh ive done that before. I've been like " yeah I have laundry and stuff but Id rather write"

Zac Welch

And my book has been updated. Took care of the paragraph issue and I think I got everything else

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