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Bridging The Gaps

Worldwide Critiques on Afzal Shauq's Poetry Von:
Bridging The Gaps

In human history, voices of poets have been doing what swords of rulers failed to do. These voices, chanting ideas of universal nature and attempting at making a difference for the betterment of humanity, need to be acknowledged and conveyed to all.

I was fortunate, to hear one such voice, of Afzal Shauq through translated collection of his poems by Alley Boling. TWIST OF FATES had every thing to quench my thirst for good poetry and to satiate my search for splendidness of ideas.333 poems of the book had a variety of themes ranging from alacrity of romantic anecdotes to very serious concern for peace in the world; from quest for an ideal to promoting international brotherhood. Imbued with sincerity, each word, influential and striking, goes straight to the heart. Reading these poems has been a rich emotional and spiritual experience for me. Having absorbed the aura of brilliance radiated by erudite themes, I felt compelled, to write a critical analysis of the book. For doing so, I tried reaching out the mind and soul creating those poems.

My efforts brought me into kind acquaintance of Afzal Shauq directly. Knowing him on personal level turned out to be an even cherishing experience. The barrier of difference of our first languages disappeared and I savored the tale of his life, literary ventures, travels and aspirations, which I insisted upon him to write for the rest of readers as well. I am thankful to him for his kind acceptance of my proposal and I was able to include his short autobiography in this compilation.

In order to admire, recognize and promote his sincere efforts, I have collected, in this book, critical reviews and comments on the writer by famous literary figures, which beyond my expectation ,were countless and all full of praise and admiration. It proves that instead of pinning himself to a specific readership, Afzal Shauq has the ability to colour the world in a shade all sensitive hearts and sensible minds can decode.

I take great pride in compilation of this book and having worked upon the creative venture of a poet, who rose from a remote Pakhtun valley to international recognition. It is my heartiest desire that all his dreams of peaceful interaction among men come true. I also thank the worthy critics whose works I have translated and collected in this book.


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Wichtiger Beitrag

This is one of my favorite books. Afzal Shauq is a master poet. Expressing his thoughts on life, love, and happiness. He has sadly passed on 11-13-2010, but his work will remain.

Wichtiger Beitrag

lovely book , lovely essays for afzal

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