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Four Months In a Sneak-Box (fiscle part-I)

User: disha
Four Months In a Sneak-Box (fiscle part-I)
Eighteen Months Ago The Author Gave To The Public His "Voyage Of The
Paper Canoe:--A Geographical Journey Of 2500 Miles From Quebec To The
Gulf Of Mexico, During The Years 1874-5."

The Kind Reception By The American Press Of The Author's First Journey
To The Great Southern Sea, And Its Republication In Great Britain And
In France Within So Short A Time Of Its Appearance In The United
States, Have Encouraged Him To Give The Public A Companion Volume,--
"Four Months In A Sneak-Box,"--Which Is A Relation Of The Experiences
Of A Second Cruise To The Gulf Of Mexico, But By A Different Route
From That Followed In The "Voyage Of The Paper Canoe." This Time The
Author Procured One Of The Smallest And Most Comfortable Of Boats--A
Purely American Model, Developed By The Bay-Men Of The New Jersey
Coast Of The United States, And Recently Introduced To The Gunning
Fraternity As The Barnegat Sneak-Box. This Curious And Stanch Little
Craft, Though Only Twelve Feet In Length, Proved A Most Comfortable
And Serviceable Home While The Author Rowed In It More Than 2600 Miles
Down The Ohio And Mississippi Rivers, And Along The Coast Of The Gulf
Of Mexico, Until He Reached The Goal Of His Voyage--The Mouth Of The
Wild Suwanee River--Which Was The Terminus Of His "Voyage Of The Paper

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