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NHSO's Tall Tales Series: Book 1

The Tale of Cleo and Amutep Von:
NHSO's Tall Tales Series: Book 1
The tale of Amutep and Cleo is that Cleo is a living Pyramid and Amutep has to help him retrieve a piece of himself.

Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Monsters, Series
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Well I understand that you didn't understand it all it was meant for 12to 13 year old really but glad to hear you enjoyed it.
There are going to be five books in the series:
The Living Pyramid

The True Tale of the Apple of Enlightenment

The 18 Carat Gold Parrot

The Secret Holding Bean

The Romancing Saga of The Black and White Sesame Seed

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i think your book was really good how many are you writing i am only 10 so i didnt under stand all of it but apart from that it was great


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