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The Other Side of Me

Who Will Find Who? Von:
User: natiwood
The Other Side of Me
Angel Has never had a hard life, good grades, good friends, good times. She never had a care in the world, until her best friend is murdered! Now she's all alone as she tries to solve what happened that night and find the Killer... Before he finds her!

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The T Book's"
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The Other Side of Me
Who Will Find Who?
Angel, Devil, Love, Hate, Forgiveness, Wishes
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An auspicious start with a lot of promise... I do hope you plan to once again work on this novel. The concept sounds interesting and mystery novels are popular. If you can find the time I am sure you'll be rewarded beyond your dreams. All you need is a bit of editing to your current work and then roll out the story. A lot of us are waiting to read it.

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I am Currently Writing this book along with another and I would really like some feedback! tell me if I should change anything or if I should ad any thing in.

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