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Three Fugitives

(Six Stones Trilogy) Von:
User: nathowler
Three Fugitives

Orren has spent his life in a swine barn, under the thumb of his cruel and selfish half-brother, Lord Berthus. But when his best friend and mentor dies, Orren finds out he is destined for more. Stealing a magical gwell stone that Berthus treasures, and fleeing his brother's minions, Orren heads for the wilderness seeking five similar stones, so Berthus can't abuse their powers. He finds himself unexpectedly in the company of a clumsy goblin named Haxel, and a fiery young woman named Marett. Together they must journey through dangerous territory, fraught with such dangers as wild beasts, winter storms, bandits, and a strange cult with a sinister reputation.

Chased by the evil Lord Berthus, Orren and his companions must race against time and terrain, but it soon becomes clear that their quest will fail, unless they can shake their enemy's pursuit.

Will Orren, Haxel, and Marett survive? Discover a tale of destiny, power, and legendary fantasy in Three Fugitives, the first installment of the Six Stones Trilogy.

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