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The Violet Fae

A Lost Princess Tale Von:
User: betti979
The Violet Fae
*Not finished. Really only 1 1/2 chapter. Looking for feed back to see if I should keep going.* Violet is a 21yr old assistant living in NYC. A late night errand for her boss ends with her in danger and her rescuer takes her through a portal, revealing a world she never knew exsisted

Fae, Royalty, Princess, Romance
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Wut font is the title?



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Thanks for taking the time to read it. I really appreciate your advice and I'll make inprovements

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i really like it as it gets better by the page. but i think you spelled alot of the words wrong, and thinks happen alittle fast at the beginning shouldnt there be more emotion and introductins and at first it sounds like a narrator is talking but then she is talking from a one person view. you need to slow things down a bit so your book isnt ONLY 1 and 1/2 pages long. sorry, i mean this as a writer and it IS a very good book,... mehr anzeigen

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