Writings on the Walls

Writings on the Walls
My footfalls may be heavy now - but they were not always so.

Perhaps along the way I have found a secret to reading the writing on the wall.

WINNER Where in the World Contest

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La Catarina

its very inspirational and it has its own way of getting the readers attention. I like it very much. :D

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I think that when you write nostalgia, you do some of your best work. Poignant right from the beginning, pulled me in emotionally. I really do enjoy when you let see the 'real' you, instead of the satirist...although you are very good with that!

Best wishes!

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It takes a polished eye to see the extraordinary for what it is.

So many of us take as face value the bits and pieces of our lives never picking up that first stone or if we do, just to throw it away or at something or someone.

To see what has not been seen through the words of a master painter is marvelous.

Thank you for another trip to the unexpected.

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At first clance this didn't seem like something I would like so I put off reading it. After a while I decided that i needed to at least read it and give it a fair review.

THe Writer did a good job. Easy to follow, writen well. Eventhough it is not the type of book i enjoy it was well worth reading.

Again good job sir.

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Honestly, I was waiting to be bored. (I'm really really sorry for thinking that!)
It really isn't you, it's just really hard to find quality writers here on bookrix, so I apologize vehemently for judging a book by its author!

Thank you so much for this, it really has touched me and I think I will want to recommend it to some people! Definitely going into my favorites. ;)

I liked your writing, by the way, just very beautiful. :D


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Review - Without a doubt your writing voice has a 'personality'. Love the narrative style. Both stories stand on their own. Really enjoyed the Aesop fable style of the Lucy story. You did a fantastic job of ending the tale of the Grotto. Loved how you summed up this man life, and how he went home all in one sentence.

Your grasp of ideas, and your ability to put it into words amazes me. (it creates envy as well!) Awesome job. Robynn

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I have been to many of these places- but you are right, it is the inner part of your visit that makes ones soul sing- all with a song of its very own.
thanks for the read.

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Having worked in the travel industry I had the opportunity to travel extensively so understand your inspiration and enjoyed your story. It was an easy read.

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Just finished both stories. Well written and worded. Your imagery is marvelous.
I am no English teacher, however I am a reader and and ENJOYED you tales.

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You know what you are really good i have another website i want you to go on and type up your stories. If you have already been that's great. Wattpad.com

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