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The Wrong Way Von:
Damsels in distress are nothing compared to damsels in dat dress!

Come along with me and I'll do my best to tickle you... in an not unpleasant way.

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i think you made it to the top weirdestly nice book if there is ever quite a category like dat i do believe your story would lead it.

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Wichtiger Beitrag

I love it!
Great characters and plot and a unique story line.All that and funny too.
Have a heart!

Wichtiger Beitrag

Another short story which i wish i could write a short story as well as this. I didn't take any offense by the story at all. It was funny. Of course everyone feels bad for Norisse, but if you think about it Billiam is to blame. If he hadn't said a word Norisse would be alive, but he would still be married. The King was only sparing his daughter of humiliation, and pulled a Red Queen haha

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Gelöschter User

Interesting... I felt it was a little snarky instead of tonuge and cheek. So it's true... It's good to be King

Wichtiger Beitrag

After re-reading your tale, I am impressed by your storytelling ability. You spin a yarn so eloquently. I felt sad for Norisse, as I wished for her a happy ending. However, your language is lovely and your wit is highly intact. Fantastic job, Barry! Best wishes in the contest!

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