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Our conclusions are often just the beginning.

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Thanks for sharing this, so wonderfully written and it deserves to be in anthologies, congrats btw :)

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This was great:) This made me cry a little bit, but it is a good thing because I could feel the pain and respect that he finally found in his heart for his dad:) You are very gifted at writing and I think that this is a master piece :)

Wichtiger Beitrag

You can feel the pain from Devin..He had to deal with a lot when he was young and to think his whole life one way and then come to find out it was all wrong...OMG, all I can really say is this is a fantastic read..Great job Barry


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Thanks for sharing such a poignant and well written work. I gathered many pointers for my own use. I hope you don't mind.

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I was amazed to see that although I had read this before, I failed to comment. Shame on me! A very poignant and emotional story with an ending designed to tug the heartstrings. Definitely worthy of being in the top five of any contest! Excellent work, Barry.

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This has such an easy flow. You really connect with Devin. I could feel his contempt for his father and then the realization of the actual circumstances.

What I thought was so beautiful was his calm respectful acceptance of what he now new to be the story of his life and his ability to sit with his father while he passed.

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To say that the emotions here are raw is pretty much an understatement. I'm still getting used to your writing style, but once I find the groove it hits me like a mack truck. Great job!

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Gelöschter User

I have read your short story that I am assuming isn't about yourself? I find it sad to see someone face so much pain, and the faith like someone as this character has tried to receive. To read this remarkable story about your life, is much of a dismay and brings sadness to my heart. It actually makes me realize that we don't know the background behind most of us writers. Your story brings me wonder and I would definitely hope... mehr anzeigen

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