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Finding Self

Finding Self
Pieces of a puzzle are useless... until they become essential to complete the picture.

Why do we think we can judge (ourselves or others) when we have so few details?

Here, let me show you what I mean.

Age, Understanding, Elder issues, Dreaming
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Okay, so I read it again after the contest was over, and then realized I'd already read it and commented and then... where was I?

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Gelöschter User

This is brilliant. And I totally did NOT see the end coming. Way to go!

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Gelöschter User

Great story...smooth flow. Old-age and the accompanying strife can sometimes be confusing and hard to take. You told this story well in a short space of words. Well done.

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This story really resonated with me. For the last 8 years of her life, my paternal grandmother couldn't really remember anyone. There were rare moments when she would look at me and say that I reminded her of a boy she used to know (my father) and other times she would just say that she loved me and ask me why she loved me. You really captured the disease and how it affects an entire family. The paragraphs that described... mehr anzeigen

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