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Course Description :   Financial and Management Accounting Part-I is a common subjects for those students who belongs commerce as XI to XII Commerce,B.COM,BBA,BMS,MBA,M.COM Etc also helpful for Book-keeper and accountant . Financial accounting is the process of summarizing financial data taken from an organization’s accounting records and publishing in the form of annual ( or more frequent ) reports for the benefit of people outside the organization,Financial accountants are responsible for creating and issuing the company’s financial statements,providing accurate and timely information to the management and ensuring that all the regulatory reporting requirements are met .it provides valuable ,accurate and reliable information. With the help of financial data managers make decisions regarding day to day activities in the organization.Management accounting helps in taking the right is concerned with providing information to managers.that is people,in an organization who direct and control its operation.   Course Objectives :   The objective of this course is to introduce the students into the world of have a basic knowledge of financial and management accounting Concepts,convention,principles Policies .   After studying this subject ,the student should be able to :   1.Define the functions of financial accounting in the company and its relation with domestic and international economy. 2.Determine useful and timely information for decision-Making of different users. 3.Interpret the process involved in Accounting trial. give a student a better idea about the topics covered throughout the term. Such topics can include accounting principles and concepts as well as their application, basic accounting-related vocabulary and how to work with accounting data. generally have objectives that prepare students for advanced accounting classes, related business courses and work as an accounting professional.                                     1.MODULE I :   Meaning and Definition of Accounting, book keeping , Accounting information systems Accounting Process Objectives of Accounting, Distinction between Book-keeping and Accounting , Users of Accounting Information , Limitations of Accounting,Basic Terminology .   2.MODULE II :   Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP),Accounting principles,Accounting Concepts Accounting conventions.accounting policies,accounting standards ,scope and functions of ASB   International financial reporting standards ( IFRS )   3.MODULE III :   Meaning , definitions and examples of Double Entry Accounting,Classifications of accounts under Traditional and modern approach ,Accounting trial ,Transactions and events,rules of double entry system,journalizing,posting to ledger,accounting equation   4.MODULE IV :   The following seven types of subsidiary books are popular. Purchases book Sales book Purchases returns book Sales returns book Bills receivabl

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