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Who Was The Enemy?

A Deep Look Within Von:
Who Was The Enemy?

I used to belive that I had many enemies, but I have come to realize that the (inner me) or enemy was I all along. As a narcissist, I refused to look at my reflection, I was too proud and filled with self-importance. After a few months of practicing Buddhism, I began to see my flaws and imperfections. I was surprised by how selfish and self-centered I was towards others.


I began to see that other's feelings matter, only because I was able to face my own feelings. I began to see that the world does not revolve around me and that everyone is important no matter how I personally felt. I realized that I am not perfect but I can be my best. I now see that it was never about changing my personality, we can only improve ourselves. I first had to accept that I am a narcissist and that will never change, this took unconditional love. The only thing I can do is be compassionate to myself and then share it with others.

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