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A Handbook To The Works Of Browning (6Th Ed.) (fiscle Part-11)

User: silviya
A Handbook To The   Works Of    Browning (6Th Ed.) (fiscle Part-11)

If We Were Called upon To Describe Mr. Browning'S Poetic Genius In one
Phrase, We Should Say It Consisted Of An Almost Unlimited Power Of
Imagination Exerted upon Real Things; But We Should Have To Explain That
With Mr. Browning the Real Includes Everything which A Human Being can
Think Or Feel, And That He Is Realistic Only In the Sense Of Being never
Visionary; He Never Deals With Those Vague And Incoherent Fancies, So
Attractive To Some Minds, Which We Speak Of As Coming only From The
Poet'S Brain. He Imagines Vividly Because He Observes Keenly And Also
Feels Strongly; And This Vividness Of His Nature Puts Him In equal
Sympathy With The Real And The Ideal--With The Seen And The Unseen. The
One Is As Living to Him As The Other.

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