The Rebel Of The School

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The Rebel Of The School

The School Was Situated In The Suburbs Of The Popular Town Of
Merrifield, And Was Known As The Great Shirley School. It Had Been
Endowed Some Hundred Years Ago By A Rich And Eccentric Individual Who
Bore The Name Of Charles Shirley, But Was Now Managed By A Board Of
Governors. By The Express Order Of The Founder, The Governors Were
Women; And Very Admirably Did They Fulfil Their Trust. There Was No
Recent Improvement In education, No Better Methods, No Sanitary
Requirements Which Were Not Introduced Into The Great Shirley School.
The Number Of Pupils Was Limited To Four Hundred, One Hundred Of Which
Were Foundationers And Were Not Required To Pay Any Fees; The Remaining
Three Hundred Paid Small Fees In Order To Be Allowed To Secure An
Admirable And Up-To-Date Education Under The Auspices Of The Great

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