Katrina and Quinn

Katrina and Quinn
A short brother sister erotica story

Katrina was just minding buisness when Quinn her brother needed to ask her something. Things soon get out of line as Quinn's question get... weird...

sex, brother, sister, oral
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i second that the best i read so far of brother and sister waoooooooo great i hope you write more like this or better

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great writing, want more from you...


I'm 18 yrs above but not able to read why?


I can't download or read It? Page is blank what do I do?

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Tim Hoover

Probably the best one I have read to date. Would love for this to go much more.

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Yep, that's how it begins. I too would be interested to hear how you would continue the story.

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Well, the story was weird because it was a brother and sister yet interesting on how it happened. Plus, things like this really do happen. It left me wondering what would have happened if the story continued. :)

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I love your writing.
can you give us more please.
Very sexy and works with my erotic nature.

Love it.

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