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The Case Of Richard Meynell Part 2

User: disha
The Case Of Richard Meynell Part 2
"So I See Your Name This Morning, Stephen, On Their List."

Henry Barron Held Up A Page Of The _Times_ And Pointed To Its First

"I Sent It In Some Time Ago."

"And Pray What Does Your Parish Think Of It?"

"They Won'T Support Me."

"Thank God!"

Barron Rose Majestically To His Feet, And From The Rug Surveyed His Thin,
Fair-Haired Son. Stephen Had Just Ridden Over From His Own Tiny Vicarage,
Twelve Miles Away, To Settle Some Business Connected With A Family Legacy
With His Father. Since The Outbreak Of The Reform Movement There Had Been
Frequent Disputes Between The Father And Son, If Aggressive Attack On The
One Side And Silent Endurance On The Other Make A Dispute. Barron Scorned
His Eldest Son, As A Faddist And A Dreamer; While Stephen Could Never
Remember The Time When His Father Had Not Seemed To Him The Living
Embodiment Of Prejudice, Obstinacy, And Caprice. He Had Always Reckoned
It Indeed The Crowning Proof Of Meynell'S Unworldly Optimism That, At The
Moment Of His Father'S Accession To The White House Estate, There Should
Have Been A Passing Friendship Between Him And The Rector. Yet Whenever
Thoughts Of This Kind Presented Themselves Explicitly To Stephen He Tried
To Suppress Them. His Life, Often, Was A Constant Struggle Between A
Genuine And Irrepressible Dislike Of His Father And A Sore Sense That No
Christian Priest Could Permit Himself Such A Feeling.

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