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Elizabeth Fry

User: silviya
Elizabeth Fry
A Hundred Years Ago, Norwich Was A Remarkable Centre Of Religious,
Social And Intellectual Life. The Presence Of Officers, Quartered With
Their Troops In The City, And The Balls And Festivities Which Attended
The Occasional Sojourn Of Prince William Frederick, Duke Of Gloucester,
Combined To Make The Quaint Old City Very Gay; While The Pronounced
Element Of Quakerism And The Refining Influences Of Literary Society
Permeated The Generation Of That Day, And Its Ordinary Life, To An
Extent Not Easily Conceived In These Days Of Busy Locomotion And
New-World Travel. Around The Institutions Of The Established Church Had
Grown Up A People Loyal To It, For, As An Old Cathedral City, The Charm
Of Antiquity Attached Itself To Norwich; While Mrs. Opie And Others
Known To Literature, Exercised An Attraction And Stimulus In Their
Circles, Consequent Upon The Possession Of High Intellectual Powers And
Good Social Position. It Was In The Midst Of Such Surroundings, And With
A Mind Formed By Such Influences, That Elizabeth Fry, The Prison
Philanthropist And Quaker, Grew Up To Young Womanhood.

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