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Successful Presentation Skills for ANY Setting

Successful Presentation Skills for ANY Setting

There is absolutely no doubt that today good presentation skills are vital for success in almost every field or career you can possibly think of. At a university level, every student is supposed to present on a topic in front of his colleagues. Business leaders such as CEO’s or CFO’s need presentation skills to showcase financial projections for example. I wonder how a prospective business pitch would go about if someone had no oral presentation skills. The board members would probably be bored and leave the board room before you even get to the climax of your business proposal. This would perhaps be not different to a situation where a prospective parliamentarian does not have presentation skills to win the hearts of voters. An army commander needs presentation skills to give clear orders and directions; teachers or lecturers need the knowledge to be able to deliver the course material to students.

Lessons are really excruciating for students if the instructor has not brushed up their oral communication skills. You can choose to stay away from politics or business, however a simple church service will still not be kind if you are to address a group of people and don’t have the necessary skills. I noticed well that preachers who are listened to are those who have at least a couple of techniques at their fingertips to pursue and project their definition of the good news. It is therefore time to address the big elephant: how to unleash your powerful presentation skills. It is clear that every aspect of your career needs you to sharpen your presentation skills.

In this book I will show you that carrying out a successful presentation is not as difficult as you think it is. In fact, I have structured this book in such a way that at the end of the day, you will find it fun to present and not hide away or loaf around thinking and praying that a Good Samaritan may find you on their way. In general, people think that for you to be a brilliant oral communicator you need to be born an orator or otherwise forget about it. Quite frankly speaking, this is not true. People who you think have these skills started off as afraid as you are, and over time they developed the skill. Successful presentation skills are not inherited like wealth. You build these skills yourself over time and that takes practice and tenacity. The reason why many are not well groomed presenters is because they do not want to do the work on their part.

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