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Ethical Business Leadership

Ethical Business Leadership

Traditionally people have ran away with the notion that business and ethics are oxymorons. This means that business and ethics are antagonistic. The glitch is people believe that business is often characterized by unethical acts such as bribery, soliciting insider information, gifting with strings attached and turning a blind eye to corrupt acts. But can we say that we should give up on business ethics? Who is to say? Is it right to say that the business-ethics debacle is over? It is true that we cannot eliminate unethical acts completely in any business. This is simply because ethical acts frequently have everything to do with an individual’s expectations and what is important to them. Sometimes these factors are not self-evident and this is what makes ethics quite a difficult aspect. People do not always put their aims, motives, hopes and needs clearly on the table for us to understand and digest. The ethical decision is often clouded in these cases.

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