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Reigning Cats And Dogs

Divide and Conquer Von:
Reigning Cats And Dogs
Cecielus is a wolf patrolling when she meets a soon to be friend but a current enemy. Her mate is the only thing standing between a new best friend and a life of endless possibilities. Can she change her mates mind? or will she have to give up every thing for the one she loves?


love, wolf, panther, pack, cat, exile, alpha
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Hmmm, There is so,e very good ideas in there but I felt like the story line was going a little fast (I do that as well DX) , But I think maybe you could proceed with something happening to conner?? Or maybe a cat attacks the wolf alpha- possibly killing him... Starting a feud?? DX I'm no good with ideas. ORRRRRR, because they're mates they ...uh *jiggy* And she gets pregnant but both packs/pride think the pup/cubs are an... mehr anzeigen


They did thx

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No problem ^.^

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