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One Hundred Merrie And Delightsome Stories Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles (part-2)

One Hundred Merrie And Delightsome Stories Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles (part-2)
The Highest Living Authority On French Literature--Professor George
Saintsbury--Has Said:

"The _Cent Nouvelles_ Is Undoubtedly The First Work Of Literary Prose In
French, And The First, Moreover, Of A Long And Most Remarkable Series Of
Literary Works In Which French Writers May Challenge All Comers With The
Certainty Of Victory. The Short Prose Tale Of A Comic Character Is The
One French Literary Product The Pre-Eminence And Perfection Of Which It
Is Impossible To Dispute, And The Prose Tale First Appears To Advantage
In The _Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles_. The Subjects Are By No Means New.
They Are Simply The Old Themes Of The _Fabliaux_ Treated In The Old Way.
The Novelty Is In The Application Of Prose To Such A Purpose, And In The
Crispness, The Fluency, And The Elegance, Of The Prose Used."

Besides The Literary Merits Which The Eminent Critic Has Pointed Out,
The Stories Give Us Curious Glimpses Of Life In The 15th Century. We Get
A Genuine View Of The Social Condition Of The Nobility And The Middle
Classes, And Are Pleasantly Surprised To Learn From The Mouths Of The
Nobles Themselves That The Peasant Was Not The Down-Trodden Serf That We
Should Have Expected To Find Him A Century After The Jacquerie, And 350
Years Before The Revolution.

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