The Veil of Mysticism

Paths to enlightened Faith - Excerpt - Von:
The Veil of Mysticism
This is a book about the evolution of my love for God and men, according to the descriptions of St. Teresa of Àvila as a mystic and Doctor of the Church. Mysticism originally means the lighting up of the mystery of life, the ultimate reality we call God.

A Mystic sees itself as a long-distance walker? who follows the call of God and always moves forward in order to satisfy his longing. Through the perfection of his consciousness in Truth and Love, he becomes one with God. This experience makes people happy and satisfied with the Divine Providence. His confidence is always accompanied by a passion for God and the acceptance of life. It is a way out of darkness into the Light.

I also was longing for this all my life and walked forward steadily. I sought God, He found me, and since I am a wanderer between Heaven and Earth. I want to infect you with my love for Him and the people. Now the time has come. Let us lift the veil of mysticism.

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