The Second Coming of Christ

The Indications of the Hour Von:
The Second Coming of Christ

This book is exquisitely new. It is strange but true: about things that are not said, informed by the events that are happening around us, and facts that are beyond dispute. Actually when you start reading this book you will not be able to leave it without coming to the last page of it having a very precise, new, logic and Divine knowledge. It is as true as the life in you is. You find in this piece of new knowledge many issues which prescribe the reality in abstract style having brought it into minds as vivid facts: What is the wrong with the life of high technologies? Do you believe that this contemporary technologies are the main source of  misery of our life?! Why do people abandon God and where Do they direct their destination into? What is God’s purpose of the afflictions and difficulties which He has driven to people and nations? What are the reasons behind the destruction of the old nations? Do you think that the whole world is coming to the same fate of the old destructed nations? What is the last resort of escaping from this horrible end? What is the real meaning of the Hour which is mentioned in the Divine texts? Is it the Doomsday or the hour of ruining events which will overwhelm most of the whole world? What are its indications and what is the real actual meaning of each one of them? Is Master Jesus the Messiah going to come once again, what are the evidences of his close blessing coming to this world and where is he now? Blessed are those who are born in his close coming time. Why? Is master Jesus the redeemer? What is the real meaning of “the redeemer”? Most of religions’ scholars say Master Adam committed a sin ? Do you think that our great father did that ? what is the real fact beyond that? Is there any way to save yourself during this difficult time? How could you rescue yourself from the horrible and destructing events of the Hour? The way of attaining belief and true faith.

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