Islamic Education for Youths

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Islamic Education for Youths

This blessed book is prepared for teaching students and providing them with the highest culture based on the knowledge which is derived from the word of God the Almighty and from the holy Prophet’s (CPTH: Communication with Al’lah and Peace are through him) Explanation of Al’lah’s words.
By this Divine knowledge, the student will be prepared for disciplining himself ccording to the high moralities and virtues, furnishing it with Divine perfection to achieve the success in this world and in the hereafter.
The importance of this subject “Islamic education” is that it is derived from the interpretation of the holy Qur’an by the great humane eminent scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho whom God the Almighty bestowed His light upon, due to his closeness to God, his great love to the Prophet (CPTH) and his high mercy which was got from God the Almighty to his brothers in humanity.
Dear teacher, you will find in this program these basic important points:

  1. The illustration of the perfection of God the Almighty.
  2. The clarification about the perfection of God Messengers (peace be upon them).
  3. A call for us to apply God legislation (The instructions of the Holy Qur’an) and to be devoted wholeheartedly to God the Almighty.
  4. Guiding students to the right belief steps according to what the holy Prophet (CPTH) had explained to his noble companions from the holy book of God the Almighty.
  5. Venerating and exalting the holy Prophet (CPTH), clarifying his greatness according to his rank of his closeness to God then guiding to the way of attaining his real love.

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