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Facts of Psychology ‎and Sociology

Islamic Education for Youths Von:
Facts of Psychology ‎and Sociology

Praise be to God, the Provider of the worlds, perfect ‎and complete communication with God is through the ‎best of the Creatures, our Prophet Mohammad who was ‎sent as the great Mercy to the worlds and also through his ‎family, his companions and anyone who follows his ‎guidance till the Day of Resurrection.‎
After that:‎
Everything in this universe has a fact, which can be ‎recognized through a constant and a serious ‎contemplation... The most important thing for you as ‎a creature is to know your Creator the Almighty God and ‎communicate with Him. The easier way of approaching ‎that is through His Envoy (cpth)  and the (Holy Qur'an) ‎which was sent down by Allah, wherein man can find the ‎entire truth, by applying Al’lah’s Word the human ‎reaches the spiritual perfection rank and be overwhelmed ‎with the Godly Light, where he becomes of insight-eyed ‎‎(enlightened hearted seeing) and knows the Godly ‎purpose of his coming to this worldly life, he also ‎recognizes the great wisdom behind the creation of that ‎spacious universe, knowing that this worldly life is ‎arranged as a school for the human to have a reward and ‎exaltedness by making all his efforts and doing all his ‎deeds during his life seeking only God’s satisfaction, he ‎proceeds in this way sacrificing his wealth, rest and ‎prestige because he knows that such as this behavior ‎brings him God’s favor and reward, therefore you will see ‎all his deeds are full of goodness and humaneness to the ‎creatures, and all his speeches are guidance to guide ‎people to virtue and God’s Perfections.‎
We discuss in this book some facts of the spirit ‎science, some rules which control the spirit and ‎everything that is linked with it, as well as we will ‎discuss some issues which are the subject of many ‎disputes, so we will clarify the truths and put the right ‎rules between your hands, these rules and truths are based ‎on the science and the knowledge of the greatest scientist ‎in the present century; He is the great Eminent scholar ‎Mohammad Amin Sheikho (His soul has been sanctified ‎by Allah) who has a great Divine revelation, may you and ‎us benefit from his Holy high, sublime knowledge of the ‎Words of the Almighty God “the Holy Qur'an”.

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